Best TV-News Anchor

Vickie Newton, KMOV (Channel 4)

Snatching a newsreader with big-market chops to replace Myriam Wright, who quit, was a coup for our local CBS affiliate. Vickie Newton, who made her Lou debut in January, now shares boob-tube time with Larry "M*A*S*H" Conners and Julius "Jabba the Hutt" Hunter. And, according to early returns, this Princess Leia is good! Smooth, measured delivery. Appropriate decorum when ol' Hellfire Hunter says something, um, unscripted. Newton, who was born in Arkansas but has family in St. Louis, was with WSB-TV, the Atlanta ratings powerhouse, for a couple of years before leaving in November for a short stint at CNN Headline News. Before Atlanta, Newton's broadcast stops included Little Rock, Kansas City and Detroit. She's confident and dignified -- something that might change if those chuckleheads Julius and Larry rub off on her.
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