Best Turntablist

Kenny Kingston

To the headz, the term "turntablist" denotes a very specific craft within the DJ community: one who performs tricks and antics and body spins and choreographed dances and basically showboats his or her talents for a few minutes at a time. But really, as cool as "turntablism" is, it gets boring when you just wanna frickin' dance, because you cannot dance to these hot dogs. You can dance to Kenny Kingston while he scratches and cuts and occasionally showboats, because he understands, as he spins weekly at Lo (500 N. 15th Street, St. Louis; 314-621-8930), that Wednesday-night revelers want to lose their heads drinking dirt-cheap sake and are out in St. Louis, Missouri midweek because they mean to party. East siders can now enjoy Kingston every Thursday night at Club Three-1-Three (313 E. Main Street in Belleville; 618-239-6885), as well.
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