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Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. (or 8:15, or 8:30, or, you know, however long it takes the teams of eight to settle in with those thick-crust pizzas), the first of five rounds (at ten questions apiece) begins. The creators: Lemmons booker Jamie Foehner and trivia maven Sandy Olive, whose weekly knowledge deathmatch turned one year old on September 8. The capture: The team that wins each round receives a free pitcher of beer, and overall third-place winners receive a free small pizza, second gets a free large and winners get a free large and a case of beer. And the categories: My Little Ponies, Sitcom Couples, "Somewhat" Current Events and ever so much more. "I think what sets our trivia night apart from others is the DVD," says Olive. "It gives us a huge advantage over other places that do these, because instead of just asking questions, we can do the audio and visual categories." That, and the people. "Not to get all cheeseball, but my favorite part of trivia night is all the people," Olive says. "I try to go around and talk to everyone after the game is over, and I've met some really cool people."
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