Best Trifle

A Shot in the Dark

Deep, probing theater has its place, but let's admit it: There's a touch of the tired businessman in all of us. Sometimes at the theater we prefer to put our brains on hold and just coast through the evening. Which is why, a couple of generations back, there used to be a steady diet of Parisian sex comedies such as Marcel Achard's (adapted by Harry Kurnitz) A Shot in the Dark. Happily for us, someone at West End Players Guild remembered this bauble from 1961, which dropped off the radar screen after the much-altered Blake Edwards-Peter Sellers film version was a box-office hit. (And very funny it is, too, in its much-altered way.) But we weren't watching Inspector Clouseau at West End. Emily Strembicki's delicious portrayal of a saucy serving girl men can't not fall in love with was one of the delights of the year. Her enticing antics kept the show as airy as a lemon soufflé. Merci beaucoup!

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