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Going non-smoking indoors

A smoking ban in St. Louis (or St. Louis County, for that matter) isn't yet enacted, but local smokers could be forgiven for feeling that one is already on the books. In the past year, the vast majority of shows at the Pageant and Blueberry Hill's Duck Room have been deemed non-smoking — most by request of the artist performing that night — and it's no longer strange to have a bar or club insist on cigarette-free air inside. The latter restriction is exactly what's been cropping up more and more, as places such as the Gramophone, Pi, Newstead Tower Public House and Amsterdam Tavern have joined early no-smoking adopters Off Broadway, the Royale and Atomic Cowboy. It'll probably still be a long while before the days of stale nicotine hanging in the air become a distant memory, but till then we have plenty of clean-breathing options.

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