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It's a sad fact that shopping for toys is so often a buzzkill. Preachy, finger-wagging signs are everywhere: "Parents, watch your kids." "Don't touch!" "You break it, you buy it!" Ugh. But at Go! Toys & Games, there's this placard right near the entrance: "Go! Ahead play with any game on the display tables." Don't mind if we do. In this age of expensive electronic gadgetry, Go! refreshingly trains an eye toward the classics — kites, marshmallow shooters, Bingo and freak-out-your-mom goodies such as glo-maggots. But the store really shines in its breadth of board games, notably its polity of -polys. As in, variations on Monopoly. More than 500 million people have played the classic version; it's tougher to say how many people have played the 30-plus variations for sale at Go! Toys & Games, including Anti-Monopoly, Horse-Opoly and Make Your Own Opoly. And for grownups who'd like something a little more risqué than picking a "Chance" card, there's Naked! The Card Game and Rockstar Rehab, "The drinking game where the most tragic players become the most famous." Your move, Lushy Lohan.

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