Best Toy Store

A Pocketful of Toys

It would be easy to award "Best Toy Store" to a corporate giant. And while we've never been ones to refuse a solid soul-sale, we draw the line when it comes to kids. After all, it has been rumored that the chilluns are our future, and it is society's responsibility to wrestle away those Barbies and Grand Theft Autos. With that liability in mind, we award this year's coveted "Best Toy Store" honor to A Pocketful of Toys, a two-year-old independent store that caters to the independent kid. When minivans pull into the shop's Winghaven parking lot, wide eyes witness a wonky Alice-in-Wonderland-style tree house sprouting from the sidewalk. Once you're inside, A Pocketful of Toys encapsulates all that is idealistically innocent and couples it with all that is intelligent. Here you can find classics like Radio Flyers and vintage Cardinals mini-pinball, as well as nouveau-smart games like Cranium and Apples to Apples. There are trikes and kites and clay kits, dime-store dinosaurs and origami—all part of a creativity-based catalog filled with toys for li'l geniuses.
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