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KB Toys

Toy shopping is an intricately calibrated process. To truly experience the joy of toy shopping, you either have to be seven years old or the toy store has to make you feel like you're seven years old again. This sort of thing cannot transpire when you pick up Jenga or a Slip 'n Slide and put it in the cart next to the twelve-pack of toilet paper and gallon of milk. Stop the madness! KB Toys only sells toys. Lots of toys: Silly Putty and Play-Doh, Memory and Mousetrap, My First Craftsman chain saw and the Mary-Kate and Ashley Friendship Connection Game. KB Toys also offers great deals -- look for the orange stickers, signifying markdowns. Get to one of the three area KB stores (at St. Louis Mills and MidRivers malls as well as the abovementioned Chesterfield location) and feel seven again. Bring on the Chinese checkers!
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