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Spicer's 5 & 10

Sure, you can go to a big toy supermarket and find virtually everything that's out on the market, but pushing a large cart through those wide aisles can be a bit overwhelming. Besides, it's not nearly as much fun as a trip to Spicer's 5 & 10. Here you can look down a single aisle and find yo-yos, spy gloves, Whiffle bats and Slinkies -- all in one place. For children of the 1970s, the store is a trip down memory lane: pig-shaped piggy banks, gumball machines and classic board games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. There are bargains everywhere -- chattering teeth on feet, a bottle of bubbles, a mini-squirt gun, a plastic dinosaur -- each for just 69 cents. There's a kazoo for $1.98, a Mount Rushmore puzzle for $7.98. As an added bonus, grab a handful of cheap candy on the way out. There's no such thing as penny candy anymore, but a Tootsie Roll, a wad of Superbubble or a Hershey's Kiss can be still had here for 5 or 10 cents.
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