Best Toy Store

Toy Man Toy Shows at the Machinist Hall

Though not a toy store in the technical sense, the Toy Man Toy Show is truly the best place to buy toys in town. This every-other-month toy convention at the Machinist Hall in Bridgeton is a secondary market of old and not-so-old toys (and their idiosyncratic dealers), with acres of Hot Wheels, Aurora model kits, dolls, Japanese-cartoon videos, action figures, cardboard standees, cereal premiums, board games and movie posters, usually at decent prices. While some items have been chewed by toddlers, most are lightly used and many are still MIB (that's Mint-In-Box, for you novices). If six times a year isn't enough, another hot spot for toys is the K-B Toy Outlet store at 15313 Manchester Road in Ballwin (636-527-1051). The prices on these not-quite-fresh-from-the-factory items are quite friendly.
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