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We like it raunchy. That's why we like Roxy's in Brooklyn, Ill. Brooklyn and Centreville have long enjoyed the reputation of having the rawest, could-this-possibly-be-legal topless joints in the metro area. Choosing a winner is tough, but the nod goes to Roxy's for two reasons. One, there's a joint cover charge -- 5 bucks will get you into Roxy's, as well as the Diamond Cabaret and PT's in nearby Sauget and PT's in Centreville, all of which are managed by the same company. Value is important. Your dollars should be going into G-strings, not the hands of a bouncer. Second, Roxy's is right across the street from the Platinum Club, where we once witnessed a nude dancer, legs akimbo, allowing herself to be licked by patrons at the tip bar for a dollar a pop. If you can't get your jollies in Roxy's, the Platinum is a convenient backup, but bring plenty of mouthwash. Not that Roxy's is any slouch in the sleaze department. On a good night, you'll see genuine sex acts performed onstage. Roxy's women tend to be more girl-next-door than sisters of silicone, virtual paragons of Midwestern values. And there's plenty of audience participation at decent prices. You can get tanked and spanked for less than $100.
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