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HSB Tobacconist

Step inside HSB Tobacconist, and you will find, among others, Lions Loop and Voodoo Crème and BW 4x4 and English long cut and Dansk Obsession. And jars of tobacco and Ashtons and Dominicans and Acids and Don Diegos and Rockey Patels and Churchills and Torpedos and Piramides. And honey nut-flavored cigars and cinnamon-flavored cigars and heavenly vanilla-flavored cigars and amaretto-flavored cigars. And small wooden pipes and big wooden pipes and meerschaum pipes shaped like a Viking or ram or skull or Napoleon. And cheap clear glass bowls and intimidating green glass bowls and hookah contraptions taller than small children. And Camels and Newports and slims and Marlboro Golds. And, of course, a rainbow assortment of lighters and every single wrapping paper you could dream of. The choices are endless, but the chill staffer behind the counter will let you linger for as long as you want and provide conversation or information if so desired. The relaxing feel of the shop matches that of any smoke. Take your time and find your match.

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