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Fancy a cigar? Perhaps you'd like a Kentucky Cheroot instead. If you're not feeling quite so bucolic, you could pick up a pack of Dunhills. You know, something ritzy? Or just a box of Marlboro Reds — you're an American, dammit, you're of legal age and you want to smoke something right now! All right, calm down there, John Wayne; HSB Tobacconist can provide you with just about anything you need to help you fumar to your heart's content. HSB is a genuine institution in the U. City Loop. Not so coincidentally, some of the staff should probably be institutionalized (just kidding, Tom). Honestly, these guys know their smokes. If you want to engage in the manly art of pipe smoking but don't know what you're doing, not only will they sell you a pipe, but whoever is working will offer advice on lighting, cleaning and enjoying the thing. Whether you want to smoke the humble Missouri Meerschaum (prosaically known as a corncob pipe) or are in the market for a robust cigar, HSB has you covered. The fact that you'll pick up an earful of gossip or receive an extemporaneous history lesson on the glory that is the Beatles while you're making your purchase — well, that's just a bonus. Compliments of the institution.
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