Best Time Machine

Study Hall

Back in high school, time capsules were all the rage. You'd fill a box with treasures ranging from folded notes from your B.F.F. to torn yearbook pictures of your elusive bercrush. While popular capsule burial points usually included backyards and football fields, it seems that some tossed theirs into the great Mississippi, to be found by the masterminds behind Study Hall. An assemblage of graffiti-tagged lockers and cafeteria tables, this Laclede's Landing venue is one big nostalgia trip. The two bars are mod-podged with yearbook pages, and the rest of the dcor spotlights those ol' high school cliques: a rickety stage for band geeks, pool and darts for jocks, video games for nerds, perma beer-pong tables for the in-crowd and decrepit couches for the druggies who spent most of high school in detention (uh, us). Study Hall attracts a crowd as diverse as you'll find in high school—but given the amazing drink specials, don't be shocked to wake up with a veritable Breakfast Club crashed out on your living room floor.
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