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Penny-pinching types can expect a few constants in their store-to-store thrifty adventures: There's going to be a lot of shoes. Bikes in various states of disrepair will lean against an old rack. Bargain-basement-priced items dropped and written off by local retail stores will be stacked in abundance, and you will not be able to find a suitable pair of jeans. What makes shopping at Unique such a joy is that these constants take on a new twist — a recent fact-finding trip proves this. Sure, Unique has bikes, but we bet you didn't expect to see that eight-foot-long custom chopper bike with the three-foot forks on the front. Shoes? You bet your ass; they even have a pair of "Heelys," those shoes with the wheels in the heels that your mom wouldn't let you wear to the grocery store — for five bucks. Former retail goods are priced so cheap that it would simply be insane not to buy a lifetime supply of fly swatters. And as for jeans? "They always got the best clothes here," opined one chatty customer in line. "Shit, my whole high school wardrobe came from Unique!"

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