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Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Bargain shoppers know the feeling: the rush that comes after finding something totally freakin' sweet and unique for a mere fraction of the regular asking price. And so what if it's a little bit used? That just means it's already broken in — and waiting for a second life. The folks at Society of St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores make it easier than ever to achieve cheapo consumer euphoria, and while one branch of their thrift stores closed last year, a new one has sprung up in its place. Located down South Kingshighway in a semi-hidden plaza, it still feels like the store is a bit of a secret even though it's been open since December 2010. The roomy space is impeccably organized and often sparsely populated. Most of the clothing is actually organized by size, and there's always plenty of cool old furniture to peruse. In between, there are books, bric-a-brac galore and much, much more. So go ahead — get that frugal blood pumpin'.

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