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Feed My People

The biblical ring to the name of this thrift store near Jefferson Barracks Park makes it hard to remember. It's easy to say, "Let's go check out Let My People Go," or "We haven't been to Alms for the Poor in a while," when planning a day of bargain hunting with pals. You may forget its name, but once you've been you'll never forget the way there. This retail arm of the Feed My People organization (there's also a branch in High Ridge) is run by spunky volunteers whose mean age is 90. They often laugh at the prices of the items you bring to the cash register. "Two dollars? That's ridiculous. Give me 75 cents for it." It's one of the few thrift stores in the metropolitan area where you can walk out with a bagful of goodies for under $5. You may have to work for your finds — there are many ugly garage-sale rejects on the shelves. But if you pick your way diligently through the broken Crock-Pots, microwave cookbooks and cross-stitch mesh you might just uncover lurid '70s napkins, spangled highball glasses or a whole crop of mushroom cookie jars. Such hard work makes the score even sweeter, and the 90-year-olds will thank you so nicely for helping them help the many needy cases their charity serves that you'll say, "Keep the change" when they try to give you back 43 cents.

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