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Unique Thrift

Hell, we might as well bestow the crossroads of St. Charles Rock Road and Lynntown Drive with the Best Thrift Intersection award. Not only can you pinch your pennies at Family Dollar, Aldi's and Rocky Road Thrift Store, but these wallet-friendly four corners are also home to Unique Thrift. Worth the trip for its selection of potholders alone, Unique Thrift also offers an impressive array of exercise equipment, furniture, hats, electronics, bridal gowns, artwork, appliances and music, not to mention a huge selection of clothes. And if you don't want to grab cash from the in-store ATM, these folks are considerate enough to accept debit cards. Get your frugal fix daily from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. And if it's Tuesday, bring senile old Grandpa along and have him stand in line -- that's the day seniors receive a 25 percent discount.
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