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There are certain things you can reliably expect to find at bog-standard thrift stores — your Goodwills, your Salvation Armys, your St. Vincent de Pauls. There will be suit jackets of widely ranging age and wear. There will be a dazzling array of wholly worthless electronics. There will be cowboy boots, which you'll consider picking up — today's the day you make that Western-wear leap, you'll declare while plunging your foot into a morass of congealed goo that once was an insole and a whole lot of skin cells — before thinking better of it. But Savers is different: Its shelves are neatly organized and bursting with things you'd actually want to buy. The racks are even sorted by size and filled with clothing of the stylish variety. Essentially, it feels like a filter through which all other area thrift stores have been shaken, with only the cream of the crop remaining. Naturally, this means you'll pay a little extra (not too much, though — we're still firmly in "thrift" territory here) but considering the remarkable lack of strange goo you'll encounter in the process, the few extra dollars are decidedly worth it.

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