Best Theatrical Ensemble, Stray Dog Theatre

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Staff Pick

The gimmick in Rupert Holmes' murder-mystery musical is that every cast member is the potential killer. An audience vote determines who did the deed, so there's an ending ready to go for every character. Director Justin Been made sure that no one would leave disappointed in the outcome by assembling a perfect cast of killers. The actors stopped songs to soak up applause, argued about the length and quality of their introductions, and shot dirty looks at one another when someone had the audacity to get a bigger hand. Even the dance troupe got in on the act, badgering the actors and refusing to dance with players they felt were beneath their talents. Drood is funny enough on its own, but this cast elevated Stray Dog's production into a memorable performance — or, rather, a continuous series of memorable performances from everyone involved. Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Avenue, St. Louis, 63104. 314-865-1995,
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