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Scott Miller, New Line Theatre

Staff Pick

Some directors strive to entertain, some seek to tell a coherent story. Very few directors believe it is their calling to channel the playwright's work as a shaman would summon spirits from the other world. Scott Miller falls into this last camp. Mining the fertile fields of the musical, Miller goes into the dark to bring back insights about character, mise en scène and authorial intention — and then presents them to audiences in a different darkened space. His productions are indeed entertaining and coherent, but they also tell us something about who we are as a culture right now. Miller's staging of Jerry Springer: The Opera confronted us with our love for spectacle and the grotesque, while skewering our long-held belief that we as a nation always hold the moral high ground. His production of The Threepenny Opera savaged our complacency in the face of ongoing, widespread corruption in our government institutions. What's most impressive is Miller's habit of pulling back the curtain on his process at his blog,, where you can see him think through the show from the first rehearsal through tech nights, on to opening night and right through the final performance. Miller always has his mind on what each show is about and what it says, and how he can bring that message to the people. He lives and breathes musical theater, and every New Line production demonstrates the value in his dedication.
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