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Or,, Slightly Askew Theater Ensemble

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Director Ellie Schwetye and a three-person cast presented Liz Duffy Adams' Or, as a feminist comedy with one foot in the Restoration and the other in the contemporary world of hip-hop. That's a big stretch for any show, but it paid huge dividends here. Rachel Tibbetts, John Wolbers and Nicole Angeli played multiple roles and presented a multitude of ideas about gender politics, the creative process, the power of lust and the beauty of art, all while flickering through bons mots and sly asides — and while all of them were wearing heels, no less. Tibbetts' Aphra Behn was the closest thing to a straightman — what poet could be otherwise? — which generously allowed Wolbers and Angeli to pounce on the zingers. Whether it was Wolbers as King Charles II archly suggesting a name for the New World ("Exactly not where I want to live") or Angeli as Nell Gwynne defining the political tenor of the era ("All men have to be cocksuckers in these slippery times"), Or, was riotously funny even as it made you think about how little the world has changed since the seventeenth century.
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