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HotHouse took a real flyer last fall when its directors decided to devote the entire season to unfamiliar new plays. But the gamble paid off big-time. You could feel that payoff in the anticipatory audiences as each successive, unpredictable production informed the next. Theatergoers didn't wait for reviews; they flocked to the opening weekends. Viewers have long been conditioned to expect savory theater at HotHouse. This season they pretty much got it with the quirky Kimberly Akimbo, the volatile In a Little World of Our Own, the topical Omnium Gatherum and the belly-laugh crime spoof Red Herring. Now comes the unexpected news that HotHouse -- in its current incarnation anyway -- is no more, for it has joined forces with City Theatre (formerly City Players) to become HotCity. What's in a name? Only time will tell.
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