Best Thai Restaurant

Addie's Thai House

Louis and Muay Brinckwirth met at a Thai restaurant in California where they both worked. Luckily for us, they moved to St. Louis before they pursued their dream of opening their own Thai restaurant. Addie's Thai House, named for their daughter, is quietly elegant: The décor, much of it bought by the couple in Thailand, is gorgeous; the quality of the table linens, crockery and silverware makes you feel as if you're about to drop three bills on dinner for two. You won't, though the food is as sophisticated as the surroundings. You can find your favorite Thai curries and soups here, and they are very good, but Addie's specialties are what set the restaurant apart from the field. There's soft-shell crab in a garlic-pepper sauce and lamb chops in basil sauce and a roasted duck curry that tops any duck dish you've eaten in St. Louis. There's also a brief but smartly assembled wine list, with bottles that are Thai food-friendly. (And beers, of course.) Addie's Thai House isn't simply a terrific Thai restaurant. It's a terrific restaurant.

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