Best Thai Restaurant

Manee Thai

Sometimes the package isn't as nice as its wrapper, but that's far from the case at Manee Thai. Gorgeous gold-beaded tapestries line the walls of the restaurant, and the waitstaff wear lovely elaborate ensembles—yet the food is even more beautiful. Take the yellow curry: Perfectly sweet with chunky potatoes, onions and your choice of meats (or vegetable), this entre couldn't be any more filling, or fulfilling. And coconutty tom kha kai soup—with beaucoups fresh mushrooms, chicken and just the right amount of tart lemon grass—is downright soothing. The brightest star on the menu is the Siam toast, an appetizer that consists of French bread slices topped with ground chicken and then deep-fried. Out of this world—or outta this country, at the very least.
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