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Highlands Golf & Tennis Center

Tennis greats start scoring when they're young, so if you want little Billy or Billie to someday win the Grand Slam, you'd better sign him or her up for a summer of tennis camp at the Highlands Golf & Tennis Center. The French Open is played on clay courts, and that's what future champs will learn to love here, too. Before the St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame moved out of Forest Park to the Frontenac Racquet Club this year, it was housed at Highlands, and the nets still remember the presence of greats like Dwight Davis, founder of the Davis Cup. The legendary Arthur Ashe, who went to Sumner High School as a senior in the early 1960s, once said that St. Louis back then had more tennis talent than any city outside of Los Angeles. Famous local players including Butch Buchholz, Chuck McKinley, Justina Bricka, Carol Hanks Aucamp and Mary Ann Eisel Beattie were some of Ashe's competitors. Jimmy Connors, who grew up in Belleville, Illinois, used to practice on these courts as a kid when his mother, Gloria, was the resident tennis pro. That's the same Jimmy Connors who won eight Grand Slam singles titles. Now there was a man who knew how to work a clay court!

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