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Triple A Golf & Tennis Club

Triple A Golf & Tennis Club in Forest Park just might be the best-kept secret in St. Louis. It's also home to the finest tennis courts around. The 107-year-old club has hosted three Davis Cup tournaments and was the early stomping ground for Belleville native Jimmy Connors. But forget history: What sets Triple A apart is that fourteen of its fifteen courts feature clay surfaces. And as any avid tennis player knows, clay is a much, much cooler (and slower) playing surface than hard courts -- an important factor when considering the heat and humidity of a St. Louis summer. Triple A (the name stands for Amateur Athletic Association) is tucked away among a grove of trees in the southeast corner of Forest Park (across from the Planetarium), which lends it a private-club feeling and keeps it off the Rollerblade circuit. The only time you may have to wait for a court is if you plan to play before 11 a.m. on a Saturday, when aging seniors have the run of the place. After that the courts are deserted. Triple A doesn't come cheap, with a full-day pass costing $11 ($14 on weekends), but memberships and multiday passes make a significant dent in that bill if you play regularly. Take note, however: Triple A isn't fitted with lights, so play ends with the setting of the sun.
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