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The London Tea Room

Coffee drinkers often remark that they just don't understand tea drinkers. Maybe if they gave it a chance, they'd understand. But all it takes is one pot of the London Tea Room's aromatic loose-leaf teas to turn any caffeine fiend into a spiritual convert. Instead of the go-go-go sensation gained through a cup of joe, tea invites its disciples to sit back, focus and relax. Since 2007 the Tea Room's British owners have served up warm little pots of high-quality blends to suit a variety of moods — nearly 100 of them, to be exact. There's a reason why local businesses including La Patisserie Chouquette and Blueprint Coffee have used the London Tea Room as their source. Each two-cup teapot contains enough fragrant, intoxicating elixir to power through a pile of work or simply a piece of cake. Choose from bestsellers including "Naughty Vicar," "Cream Earl Grey," "Coconut Oolong" and "Masala Chai" — drink them straight or doctor it up with cream and sugar to taste. Either way, we implore you to make the right decision: tea-leaf nirvana over java-induced frenzy.

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