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The great sage Lao Tzu referred to tea as "the froth of the liquid jade." Lao Tzu was a romantic. Up until World War II, tea bricks (densely compressed blocks of tea leaves) were still used as currency among the nomadic peoples of Siberia. Clearly, the Siberians are a pragmatic people. At Cornucopia, the tea lover finds that romance and pragmatism go hand in hand. Nestled in the back corner of the tightly packed shop is a wall of apothecary jars filled with loose teas from around the world: black, green, oolong; Darjeeling, gunpowder, Assam. It's the romance of the Far East, ready to be purchased in bulk at reasonable prices. For the tea drinker who doesn't know his tea ball from a hole in the ground, Cornucopia also has a wide variety of pre-packaged teas — Bigelow, Twinings, Marks & Spencer. Whether your tea fantasies are of the Marco Polo variety (a small cup of gunpowder green slowly unfolding its pungent leaf-balls as it steeps) or more in line with Jean-Luc Picard's (a spot of Earl Grey first thing in the morning), Cornucopia is the place to go to make it so.
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