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All Star Tattoo

Let's say — hypothetically speaking, of course — that you have a vindictive older sister who holds grudges, and she's decided to get a tattoo to commemorate her cancer-free life. She comes to you for suggestions about where to go: What's your answer? Remember, in this hypothetical situation, if you send your sister someplace where sanitation is lax, she gets jerked around, or receives bad needle-side service, you are as good as dead. The answer, of course, is to send her to All Star Tattoo, because All Star Tattoo is never the wrong answer when it comes to ink. All Star is immaculately clean and well-lit, and the artists know their craft. Nate Strautkalns is the man when it comes to color work; his pieces are so vivid as to be visible from space, with a precision and sharpness that will steal people's breath for years to come. Ed Rook works similar magic in black and white, stippling and shading his pieces with understated elegance. These folks are the pros' pros, and they will take excellent care of your big sister — and you as well. And that's not a hypothetical: That's a fact.

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