Best Tattoo Parlor

Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop

It's tough to give a blanket recommendation on a tattoo studio. The success of the whole process hangs so heavily on the work of the individual artist, and this is a word-of-mouth-recommendation business. That said, cleanliness, front-of-the-house professionalism and a rich portfolio of past work are good indicators of a positive tattooing experience ahead. As one of the oldest studios in town, Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop meets all that criteria, not to mention that the parlor itself just gives the experience some extra panache. Flip through books of past works on creaky old varnished saddles in the showroom, or commit and tilt back in the black-and-white tiled studio. It actually smells good in there, like a fragrant teak box. The guys who run the place aren't there to editorialize on anyone's tattoo choices, just to help. They say that if you have to ask about the amount of pain or price, you're not ready. That said, when it comes to cost of service, the guys are also pretty fair — no point in getting gouged and needled at the same time.

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