Best Tattoo Parlor

Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop

If getting your first tattoo is a physically harrowing experience, then choosing which shop to go to for it is nearly impossible. What if the artist laughs at you? Is the shop clean? Can you trust them? While touring St. Louis' many ink shops, it's easy to get caught up in the details. The argument for Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop, however, is simple: Without a few thousand happy customers and good reviews, it wouldn't be the city's oldest ink shop, in business since 1930. (Indeed, asked why they're the best, they simply crow, "Because! We're the best! Eighty years can't be wrong!") Another perk of choosing Trader Bob's for your fresh ink is the specialization. The shop does only tattoos, not piercings, which means you won't be subjected to fifteen-year-old Brittany, whose OMIGOD SO COOL! mom let her get her bellybutton pierced for her birthday, and who's being accompanied by four of her loudest friends. Come to think of it, that may also explain Trader Bob's longevity.

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