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Iron Age Studios

Back in 1947 an advertising copywriter named Frances Gerety dreamed up the slogan "A Diamond is Forever" for De Beers. With all apologies to Ms. Gerety, this just ain't true. Diamonds get lost. They get stolen. They disappear in oceans and swimming pools or fall down drains. They get thrown back in the givers' faces. No, a diamond is not forever. But you know what is? A tattoo. There's no way you can get rid of one of those suckers that doesn't involve surgery. That's why you want to make sure that when you get one, it's really, really good. Since 1994, Iron Age Studios in the Delmar Loop has been the place to go. Owner Brad Fink and his crew of eleven artists create body art with skillful drawing, vibrant color — with shading, even! — that rivals anything on paper. It's no wonder their work is renowned by connoisseurs of tattooing worldwide: They are that good. Iron Age isn't cheap, but precious jewels never are.

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