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Allstar Tattoo

There are many places to get a tattoo in St. Louis. Everyone and their mom has one, and the multitude of Taz and butterfly tattoos must come from somewhere. Whereas any artist who serves up the best price will work for those inclined to pick flash off the wall, the discerning lover of body art wants something different. What separates hack shacks and scratchers from the true artists? Quite simply, it is attitude, ability and atmosphere -- the attitude of willingness to take the time to discuss a concept, the ability to apply that idea to flesh and the proper atmosphere to get it all done in. Allstar has all this and more. Artists Alan, Nate, Maggie, Chuck and (semi-regularly) Josh will work out an idea for a potential customer and -- a rarity in the work-for-hire business -- even go so far as to turn down jobs and recommend other artists for things that don't fit their particular talents. All of the artists are practiced masters of their craft, each with an individual style. The shop is clean, well-decorated and well-lighted, and friendly to both male and female clientele. The motto for the shop is 'Art for Life' -- and they truly live it. If art of the permanent variety is what you seek, there is no better place in St. Louis than Allstar.
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