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Allstar Tattoo

Tattoos, obviously, aren't for the commitment-phobic. So why are there so many tattoo sluts out there (five different pieces, five different parlors -- you know who you are!)? Allstar Tattoo will make you forget about your wandering ways and settle down. With four artists to choose from, you're virtually guaranteed to find one who can translate your imaginings into reality. Even on your first visit, the staff will make you feel like an old friend -- though they're prone to expounding on Surrealist artists for as long as you can keep up. They've got plenty of flash designs to choose from but are more than happy to work with you on your own concept. If you're looking for a dimly lit haunt and a gruff guy named Rusty who never took a bath in his life, Allstar ain't your inkateria. Otherwise, check 'em out. We know you'll be very happy together.
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