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Taqueria Durango

St. Louis might not be known for it, but there are plenty of fantastic taquerias in this town. That might make it difficult to decide which is the best, but that's a good problem to have — and we are proud to give the honor to Taqueria Durango. The Overland spot has a full menu, but its taco section is especially diverse. Here, two corn tortillas can serve as a bed for beef, chicken, lengua (cow's tongue), cabeza (cow's cheek), chorizo and more. Portions here are generous, and the amount of meat the staff piles onto their tacos will ensure that you'll need a fork. They'll ask you if you want cilantro and onion — don't turn it down if you know what's good for you. The rest of the menu is just as good as the tacos, and the tortas and enchiladas are definitely worth trying out. But if all this excellent Mexican food isn't enough to drag you away from the cantinas on Cherokee Street, Taqueria Durango has a bonus on its menu: several brands of authentic Mexican beer. While you mull over the menu, ease the decision-making process with a Victoria or Bohemia, just like they do south of the border.

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