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Taqueria la Pasadita

Cherokee Street rightfully receives attention as the epicenter of St. Louis' small but mighty taqueria scene, yet Taqueria la Pasadita — inside a renovated north-county Taco Bell — more than holds its own. Both tacos and tortas (the latter are traditional, overstuffed Mexican sandwiches) are excellent. You can choose any of the available meats without worry, but try at least one taco with chicharrones (fried pork rinds) in spicy salsa verde. Your cardiologist will never know. On weekends order the tamales, which are downright ethereal. The shredded pork is tender and fiery, and the masa coating is as rich and moist as cake. Best of all, you can exit Taqueria la Pasadita stuffed and happy for under $10.

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