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BARcelona Tapas Restaurant

There's a good reason why "bar" is capitalized in BARcelona Tapas' name — because that side of the restaurant is always jumping, with a young crowd of students happily imbibing sangria and whooping it up. But it takes nothing away from the food, which can be enjoyed in the much quieter dining area or on the lovely outdoor patio. The extensive menu is full of traditional Spanish delicacies, with the Mediterranean flavors of garlic and olive oil taking center stage. From the richly spiced paella to the flavorful gazpacho, the paprika-roasted‍ almonds to the garlic shrimp with chili, everything comes in shareable portions, and the prices are extremely reasonable. Don't leave without ordering the "Queso De Cabra Al Horno," a crock of molten goat cheese in tomato sauce served with a big hunk of garlic bread for dipping, or the succulent chicken wings, which are a garlicky delight.

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