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There are many quality grocery-store chains in the area, but where Dierbergs absolutely slays the competition is in its massive takeout section. All of the food is fresh, made on site, and ready to eat just minutes after you get it home and heat it up. Dierbergs offers a huge selection of ready-to-go items like pastas, pies, sandwiches, dips, fresh-cut fruit and St. Louis favorites like toasted ravioli. Some of the offerings get downright upscale, like bacon-wrapped filet mignon and beef-brisket au jus. It's the perfect alternative to a fast-food or pizza delivery and one of the easiest ways to grab a quick healthy dinner for your entire family. Shoppers can browse the Dierbergs site online and place an order to have their items ready to pick up at their local store location. Amenities like this are also useful for those with limited mobility, energy or time — single parents, take note.

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