Best Takeout Counter (Grocery Division)


Hardworking, hungry people of downtown, munching your soggy, lettuce-stuffed sandwiches: There is a better way! There are fresh panini! There's a compact salad bar! There's gazpacho and gelato and stacks of ham and salami the thickness of a phone book stuffed between the halves of a fresh baguette! There're weird-but-delicious cold buckwheat salads! Best of all, you don't have to walk down to Wash. Ave. and traipse around to ten different restaurants to get it all! All you have to do is stop into Schnucks' Culinaria. Don't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the dense lunch crowd? Order your shrimp and pesto pizza via one of the handy computer terminals, take a number and hit the produce aisle or browse the wine selection upstairs. Still got some time on your lunch break? Enjoy the spoils of your deli-counter jostling on the expanse of Old Post Office Plaza across the street.

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