Best Takeout Counter (Grocery Division)

Whole Foods Market

So you're having a dinner party. During past forays into entertaining, your sole consideration was whether your guests preferred sausage or pepperoni. Drink options? PBR and Busch — if they were lucky. But your relationship with the pizza-delivery guy has become strained recently, and the cheap beers just aren't going down as easily as they used to. You want to treat your friends to a real dinner, with courses and everything. Good thing there's a Whole Foods Market in town: The takeout counter at this grocery offers the gourmet goods you're seeking. From seasonal salads (the stacked tomato-mozzarella-basil was high on our list this summer) to moist and rich cream-cheese brownies for dessert, your guests will be pleasantly surprised. Plus, there are plenty of vegetarian options, main-dish items and soups. It'll be a snap to assemble the makings of a dinner party that's grown-up — and oh-so-tasty.
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