Best Takeout Counter (Grocery Division)


There's always that peaceful lull after the holidays, when your house is empty of relatives and your refrigerator is full of food. Your dinners become deliciously nonsensical: Do Aunt Gretchen's turkey Tetrazzini and Mom's pecan pie and your sister's mashed potatoes really go together? And how! The takeout counter at Straub's is much like that bounty, and you don't even have to hear about your Uncle Neil's golf swing before you can get down to the business of eatin'. Straub's covers all the bases. At your next office potluck, stop being known as "that weird guy who always brings a half-empty bag of Doritos" and start being known as the indispensible co-worker who provides the excellent pesto pasta salad and the darling wee mini-cheesecakes. You can bring Dijon-and-new-potato salad to the family-reunion picnic; you can show your special someone what a fancy catch you are by serving up flaky grilled salmon and green beans amandine and passing it all off as your own (the nice folks at Straub's won't tell). And when you're in dire need of some comfort food, you can't beat the delish macaroni 'n' cheese and pulled pork. Consider Straub's the kindly relative who always has something good for you to eat. And you don't even have to do the dishes.
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