Best Takeout Counter (Gourmet Division)

The Market at Busch's Grove

The decadent décor is intact and the non-union staff still fawns. But in its re-rebirth, Busch's Grove, the legendary landmark of seeing-and-being-seen in Ladue, has adopted far more democratic airs — and the Market at Busch's Grove is all the better for it. Busch's takeout-counter choices number several dozen and range from blue-blooded (portobello mushroom truffle goat cheese cheesecake) to blue-collar (pulled pork). How about the perennial takeout favorite, chicken salad? You've got six options. Soup? A half-dozen selections to sample on any given day — at a minimum. Busch's Grove's also a grocery store, so you can grab a steak and a case of craft beer for tomorrow's cookout. Wait! Don't forget fresh flowers and candles for the table. And quit worrying about the Bimmers and Benzes in the parking lot. As a very classy fellow used to say, the price is right...finally.

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