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Neveria La Vallesana

While traveling in England, we stumbled across the McKorma. McDonald's' bastardization of this Indian dish prompted but one question: What the hell? In a nation with so many excellent Indian restaurants, why would anyone eat McKorma? Then we came to a terrible realization: The taco is the McKorma of the United States. Americans wolf down fast-food tacos by the boatload. Why would a St. Louisan consume such garbage when fresh, delicious, authentic tacos are but a few blocks away? Many tremendous taco purveyors have storefronts along Cherokee Street, but for our money the best of the best is Neveria La Vallesana. Look for the tiny freestanding building painted in rainbow-sherbet hues. One order means three flour tortillas filled with smoky chicken, carne asada, tripe or tongue; the fork-tender meat gets extra oomph from finely diced white onion and fat lime wedges. Tortillas, meat, onions and lime. That's it. Bring this perfect meal to a sweet conclusion with a scoop of Neveria La Vallesana's homemade ice cream. All told, you'll part with about half what you'd pay for a crunchy-spicy-scary combo meal. So enjoy the real-deal food on Cherokee and leave the mass-produced drive-through fare to the clowns.
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