Best T-Rav Alternative

Bratwurst Pretzel

If you think toasted ravioli is our town's lone contribution to the culinary arena of meat-filled-dough, might we suggest a trip to Gus' Pretzels? Located in the shadow of the A-B brewery, Gus' has reigned as a south-side institution since 1920. Known best for its hand-rolled soft pretzels, the bakery has also made a name for itself for its hot dog, salsiccia and bratwurst (our favorite) sandwiches. The premise is simple. Wrap a bratwurst in pretzel dough, bake till golden brown and -- voilá! -- the perfect breaded-meat snack. Of course, no good snack is complete without dipping sauce (think marinara for T-ravs): Gus' offers plenty of packets of French's yellow mustard. Better yet, head over to the brewery and grab a beer. After all, what complements pretzels and bratwurst better than a tall, frosty one?
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