Best Sweet Potato Fries

The Kitchen Sink

There's more than one way to fashion a fry, and the chefs at the Kitchen Sink have honed their craft around the sweet-potato variety. Hand-cut sweet potatoes come piled high in a basket, shimmering under a layer of marshmallows and delivering a thick scent of cinnamon. Underneath, the fries themselves maintain their crisp exterior and inside exude a sweet, syrupy flavor. A clever spin on the traditional Thanksgiving Day casserole, these fries could even work as a post-meal treat, straddling a fine line between dinner side dish and dessert. Technically speaking, sweet potatoes pack a wallop of vitamin A, so order the large — it's food for you, right? (The restaurant announced plans to move locations sometime in the fall of 2013 — give 'em a ring to find out whether the sink is still connected at DeBaliviere or if they're over at their new place on Union Boulevard.)

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