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Cafe Mochi

Cafe Mochi's sleek interior feels more like a night club, and the neon-pink signage on the outside only adds to that. Open up the massive menu and you'll see there are many Japanese favorites to choose from — tempura, teriyaki, udon and soba noodle bowls. But the sushi steals the show here — and is itself a steal. Usually when sushi is priced under $10, one might be tempted to question the quality (after all, fish ain't cheap here in landlocked Missouri), but Cafe Mochi serves carefully crafted sushi and sashimi for far less than what you'd expect — especially during its happy hour (Tuesday through Saturday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.). Specialty rolls like the "Volcano" and "Samurai Lobster" come out arranged like a piece of fine art — it's almost a shame to dig our chopsticks in — and are layered with complex but thoughtful assemblages of fresh fish, sauce, roe and vegetables.

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