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Yoshi's Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Those of us who love Yoshi's but live in the city were dealt a double blow this year: the closure of Highway 40 and the spiking of gas prices. No matter. We added an extra half-hour to our allotted driving time and skimped on the extras (electricity, water) to pay for fuel. Yoshio Aoki's restaurant is worth it. There is a reason he is known as "Mr. Sushi," after all. (He is the Mr. Sushi of Olivette's I Love Mr. Sushi, his former restaurant.) His nigiri sushi is so fresh that you might imagine Chesterfield as a town on the Pacific, and the flavor is the perfect balance of pure ocean essence and properly seasoned rice. Both traditional and Americanized rolls are available: Try the delicious, sweet futomaki for a taste of authenticity. Those of you who live nearby should consider yourself fortunate. (Could you please PM us your real estate agent's number?)

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