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Cha Yoon

Life is too short to eat subpar sushi. That's what brings us, again and again, to tiny Ch Yoon. The restaurant more than makes up for its postage-stamp space with a larger-than-life menu. Sashimi is fleshy, tender and full of flavor, while seaweed-wrapped thin rolls and reasonably priced medium rolls don't skimp on the fillings. (We highly recommend the white tuna avocado delicacy.) Ch Yoon's specialty rolls—including the caterpillar, wrapped in thick wedges of fresh avocado, and the dragon, with its sharp scallion accents—are even more filling. Even the appetizers are a notch above the rest: Warm, plump edamame come with a separate dish of salt, a nice touch. As we go to press, Cha Yoon is changing its name to Chi and rebranding itself as a sushi, sake and martini bar—a development that promises more lunch and dinner sushi specials.
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