Best Sunday Brunch


Once upon a time, a lazy little caveman awoke on a Sunday too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. Out of necessity and hunger, he combined the two and chowed down. When the other cavemen heard the unmistakable sounds of their bro's gustatory enjoyment, they asked him what he'd invented. With a satisfied smile, he grunted, "Brunch!" So much for context. If you, dear reader, ever find yourself in a predicament similar to that faced by our resourceful caveman, all you need to do is set your sights on Rooster, culinary multitasker Dave Bailey's beloved creperie. Rooster's menu offers a profusion of possibilities for your crepe-composing delectation, mixing and matching from a variety of fillings (cheeses, vegetables, meats, sauces). If you prefer a more protein-based approach, any crepe can be prepared as an omelet instead. Or you can opt for pancakes or any number of other breakfasty/lunchy/brunchy treats. If you want the full crexperience, save room for dessert. While we aspire to that level of self-discipline, we've never actually achieved it — we always get sidetracked by Rooster's mimosa menu. Or, if we've carried with us the fuzziness of the previous night's overindulgence, the bloody marys. (For medicinal purposes, of course.)

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